How to use WhatsApp as a Search Engine like Google (new feature)

These days WhatsApp is a mostly used platform and like facebook, Instagram you can share and chat and call something easily, so, most people only know the basic features of WhatsApp. You have to upgrade your WhatsApp when the new version release.

But here I will tell you some interesting things which will help you to use WhatsApp as a search engine.

Maybe you know WhatsApp introduced its new features that you can share your WhatsApp status to facebook status directly through WhatsApp.

If you hear about WhatsApp bot, then this will help you to convert WhatsApp into a search engine.

This will help you to get the updated news about sports, entertainment, technology, etc..

So here are the steps to follow for this new feature. Open on your desktop or laptop.

Here you have to subscribe to activate your WhatsApp bot. Then only you get updated news about your related topic.

How to Activate WhatsApp Bot?

+ 91-7397682861: WhatsApp bot

You have to save this number in the name of WhatsApp bot then only you will geta access to ask your question, after adding it to your contact list. Create a group with your topic and add this number and ask any question you will get your answer.

Letter on you can add your friends and family member to that group.

How to use Whatsapp bot

To search anything first you have to type “search term” in the group in this way you will get all your answers.


hope this article gives you some value for whatever like for your knowledge purpose or to get the update news about your related topic to up to date yourself.


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