Upgrade Your Nintendo Switch SD Card

Nintendo is one of the leading video game headquarters in Kyoto. You might have heard about Gameboy an 8-bit handheld game console designed by Nintendo superstar game company.

Nintendo has combined its both products into a hybrid console product called Nintendo switch. The switch is a high-performance tablet which can flawlessly move from the big screen to the small screen.

It is a lite gaming system. If you want to take your triple a(AAA) game wherever you go then this allows you. This game is developed by comparing the movie blockbuster.

Some AAA games are Civilization III, Doom II: Hell on Earth, Grand Theft Auto V, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and many more.

Nintendo switch really has a mastered industrial design and user experience it really a pretty awesome gaming model. when it comes to raw performance then you can’t compare it with any other traditional consoles like PS4 and Xbox.

Nintendo Switch Default Storage

Nintendo switch lite has only the limit of 32 GB as internal storage for the system. But you can upgrade it and expand the capacity up to 2 TB by using micro SDHC and micro SDXC and this is only Nintendo switch game storage

You can buy the sd card for Nintendo switch on amazon. also, you can buy the Nintendo Switch itself.

Nintendo Switch Storage Size

For the future, it has given an SD card slot(capacity up to 2 TB).  So whenever someone will go to upgrade her storage can do easily, but the question comes to mind is whether it is possible to upgrade your SD or not, again if possible we have to download the whole game again and reinstall it or not? This blog help you to clear you all doubt..

Here in this blog tutorial, you will learn how you can easily replace your sd card in Nintendo switch.

You can’t upgrade your SD card you want direct just swapping your SD cards because your games will not work why because your available games are connected to a specific console.

You have to be careful at the time of upgrade otherwise you may lose your games.  You can’t swap your sd cards. You have to transfer your whole data to new sd card if you want to upgrade.

Here is the process to transfer the data to the new SD card of Nintendo switch.

  • A Nintendo Switch gaming system.
  • Your old Sd card in which your whole gaming data are present.
  • New sd card which you want to.
  • A desktop or laptop.
  • An sd card reader to load your data to the new sd card.

Now almost all the laptops are coming with the inbuilt SD card reader. You can go for it otherwise if you are going for desktop then you only need an SD card reader. After all the steps ready you go for next steps.

  • First, you need to switch off your Nintendo by holding the off button. Don’t directly take out your memory card it may harm your data inside the memory and will automatically turn off the Nintendo. So, after turn, off only remove your card. 
  • If you have a card reader then insert your insert card into it and then correct it with your pc or laptop you have.
  • You will see in your my computer folder it will show you a removal disk and when u will open that you will find a folder called Nintendo.
  • Next step is now to copy the whole folder from your memory card to your desktop because the desktop is the best place to save a file or else you can save it in your personal local as per your wish. ( note: don;t delete after pasting. After all, do you can delete it.)
  • Now eject the removal memory card/old memory card and insert the new one and connect to computer again
  • Before copy, the file to a new memory card is to ensure you check the size and file available in it. If something is there just format it because in some low brand memory some it comes with some folders.
  • You can find open after thereafter click over the removal memory card but here it will tell your tool which you can follow to format it properly.
  • Download sd card formatted for your news memory card it is available both for window and mac
  • Now copy the Nintendo folder to your new sd card and eject and remove it after the transfer is complete
  • After all, do insert the new sd card into Nintendo then on the console and you can see the game where you left then you can start your game and finally if you want then delete your old file in old sd card or else leave it for future existence…

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