Split Your Laptop Screen in Windows

You might have absorbed in many mobile phones there are split features where you can easily use multiple applications at the same time.

Previously in the laptop and desktop, we were doing a number of things using applications, but in that case, we have to the minimum the other application to use others.

But now we can split our screen and can observe both the application at the same time.

In windows 10 we can easily get the split-screen option but if you are using some third-party party applications they maybe it will be difficult to drag and drop it to split your screen.

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If you are still using the single screen window then I will suggest you take advantage of the features and techniques we have for free.

If you did not create your own then don’t worry definitely you will get all the steps in this article.

Window 10 is very easy to use than others window XP and windows 7 

Windows 10 has a feature called snap assistant which helps you to split your screen using drag and drop. Before that be to ensure the feature is enabled otherwise it won’t work.

  • Go to the setting click through start
  • Open system and multi-tasking tab
  • On the snap windows slider

Once all the above done you can go and drag your screen to the left screen area and drag a screen to the right side will fill the right side area. And this will cause no issue. And you can easily access both functions on one screen.

If you want to split your screen into 4 parts than you have to drag the screen into four corners which fits the entire screen. And one more interesting thing is here that you can make a visible line after dividing the screen into a quadral so that one can easily navigate through the task.

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You can easily adjust the size of the split-screen according to your use and requirement. 

There is a limit option to split your screen into 2 or 4 parts. In 2 parts screen splits into left and right but in real split it split like top and bottom in the left half and top and bottom in the right half.

If you want to split into 3 tabs then you can use third-party applications.

How to split-screen into Split Screen on Windows XP/7/8

If you are still thinking it is impossible that you are wrong. If you are using the old versions of windows then you may know some latest features not supported on this you have to upgrade your windows or else you have to follow the steps that I am going to share with you here in this blog.

So don’t worry, though we have to follow some steps to activate the split feature in old versions of windows.

For Windows 7

you can open simultaneously two applications you can drag and drop the side by side layout or else top of one another in window. Fo that, when you open the two applications go to the taskbar and select the option called “Show windows side by side.” 

It is as simple as you think. This also works as windows 10. There is a similarity between both Windows 7 and Windows 10 when it comes to split the screen.

You have to just drag and drop like windows 10.

For Windows 8

When it comes to windows 8 there are some difficulties you will face. this is designed for use in screen touch but you can use the mouse to operate this OS. To split the screen in windows 8  and you have to open the two application then you can drag the one application to left or right until the app docked 

Docked up is a feature basically you can find in Samsung mobile phones. To drag and drop the application like timer, calendar in the Samsung home screen.

Here is the screenshot 

Freeware and paid software are there two splits 

  • Freeware software
  • Paid software

Freeware software: if this is not working in your system then you can use the freeware application to take advantage of some features, but the fact is you will not get any support for this application. Developers developed this software for free to use. 

Some free software is given below: 

  1. WindowsGrid, 
  2. GridMove
  3. AltDrag

If you want premium support you have to go for paid available software.

Paid Software: 

It is obvious that you will get extra features than the freeware. You can get all the support of that software you purchased. They will help you with all the support you might run into.

  1. Divvy ($14)
  2. Aquasnap ($18)


It is a similar tool like windows snap assistant. It has some extra features like you can resize the split tab and you can add your own shortcode for faster access. and it is within the budget only & $14.free version of this software available to download.


the free version of this software also available .but if you want extra premium features and support then you can buy this software the cost of this software is $18. This also has feature like above-discussed software divvy.

It also has features like reshape your split tab , us the keyboard for a shortcut. You can easily access this software feature wherever you want to split your screen to see the running application.


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