What is The Function of F1 to F12

Now everyone wants to achieve success in a short time…  these days all are growing in a rapid manner whether it is in business, science, marketing, digital products, sports, education in all the cases. Since our first computer invented to till now regularly there is something improvement in the computer.

Every key has some function and you have to find out that like you know why in every keyboard there bump on the f and d button. There is also a reason behind this read the blog.

Our first computer was ENIAC invented on 15 February 1946. Charles Babbage is the father of the computer.

Coming to the point

Here today I will tell you the functions of F1 TO F12 which will help you to save your some much time.

So let’s start…

Function keys are the common keys you can find in any type of keyboard whether it is desktop or laptop or your tablet keyboard..here function keys are targeted to a specific work/job.

these  keys are programmed to cause the operating system command and to perform the specific task assigned to separate function key. 

So let’s know about the use of function keys from F1 to F12 

F1: If you press F1 then it will reveal you a window of help in your system screen where it will help you guide through the system in many cases…

F2: This is used to rename or edit a file in the Windows operating system. And in Microsoft word, if you will press this function it will show you the print option…

F3: In Windows, the function of this key is to the search box . not only this you can search any file or folder in your computer also and it will help you in MS-DOS also to retypes the previously typed commands. 

F4: you will see the address bar list when you press this key in file explorer and one more thing is when you are in ms-dos(Microsoft Word), it will retype once the phrase or word you types before pressing the key.

F5: everybody knows about the key because when we are opening our computer or laptop we are refreshing our system by using mouse right-click and sometimes by pressing this key. Although F5 is most commonly used to refresh, pressing it also starts the slideshow of PowerPoint. 

F6: this key has several functions like in a window it if you will press this then it will highlight the elements of the window and in case of browser it will highlight the address bar.

F7: In ms word, if you will press the key it will check your all the spelling and in google doc also it will work…

F8: This key is used to select text in MS Word. 

F9: This is used to send or receive an email in Microsoft Outlook. And in google chrome, if you will press this key it will tell you to google search .in windows10 after pressing this key it reveals you the recent activities.  

F10: This key function active all the menu in the software you are working.

F11: This key is used for activating the full screen and exit the fullscreen. 

F12: Pressing this F12 in MS Word opens the option of Save As and you can save it by pressing the shift button.


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