Instagram’s New Messaging App

Good news to all the Instagram users.

If you are an Instagram user then you will be happy to know that Facebook is going to stop its old Instagram messaging app and going to build its new Instagram messaging app with attractive features.

They are not revealed about all the things about the new app.

The purpose of Facebook to create a new app is  “to promote constant, intimate sharing between users and their closest friends.”

Facebook calls this a thread app that will allow users to share their location, battery life can even invite others of your close friend to ask their location battery life, etc and along with you can share your typical text, video message, gifs, etc with using this Instagram tool.

Facebook going to create a separate app for texting and we can call it is a sister app of the original Instagram app. This app not only for the artists and influencers but also for you can use it for a regular basis.

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Like our facebook messenger app, we can find some similarities in this “thread app”. Instagram.

As per the source, may in future Facebook, going to merge it’s Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook app in one place. Facebook is going forward to upgrade its privacy policies they have for their owned company(Instagram, WhatsApp).

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It will also allow users to quickly read the story of their friends posted in their story line. also, it may have an automatic sharing option where your will the regular updates on the news feed

It is currently being tested and very soon it will be also has a center where you can see all your friend’s messages to you.but it is unclear when it will be launched.


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