How To Change Google Background Image On Your Web Browser

Everyone wants to change their background whether it is a mobile, laptop or any digital screen compatible product.  By default some backgrounds set by the mobile and laptop company, but you can change the whole background. You can easily customize it

When people first open the chrome browser and search for the google, they see the boring white background only. If you will see this repeatedly you may be irritated, in case this you can change the background as your and you can make it more rejuvenated.

The tutorial of changing the backing I am telling you is applicable when you are using google chrome only. If you are using Mozilla or any other browser like opera and UC browser you can not go for this tutorial.

Follows The Steps With Your Google Chrome Browser

Change of Google Background Image

Head to the right corner on the browser and click the three dots over there. 

After this, you will a dropdown option. There click on the settings option.

You Can see the chrome browser setting here. Just scroll down to the Appearance section.

You can find an open chrome web store. Click on that option.

If you know any theme you like before then you can go for that by search it otherwise you can go for the theme gallery where lots of themes are available.

After choosing a theme it will open in another tab where you need to click the add to the chrome button. If you want to know the information and overview then you can scroll down and can see the info of your selected theme.

If you can check another theme you can undo that and go for another theme.

If you want to reset that then again you have to go for appearance section then in themes option choose the reset to default option.

How To Change Google Chrome Theme With Your Own Picture 

It is very simple to change the google background image. You can upload images and set it as your background.

 Follow The Steps 

Chrome browser opens a new tab where you can find a gear option or pencil option below the tab click on that. After that, a menu will reveal.

You can customize your page with this option. You can choose the images your chrome browser has or you can upload it from your desktop.

After clicking on the chrome background a window will appear

In chrome background you will see a lot of background images provided by chrome or else you can go for upload an image where upload your own image.

You can download the google chrome click here.


I hope you like this blog. Try this for your own and share this blog to your family, friends to let/help them know this information on how to change google background.


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