How to Recover From Bad Module Info Error

Facing an error is not a big thing today. At any time you can face the problem. If you are a regular user of laptop, pc or smartphone then facing an error in your electronic device is common for all. 

yes or not?

Like some people who like to play games on devices also face some problems. On which I am going to discuss with you in this blog post.

Sometimes it happens that when you are going to download and install after spending a long time, you come across an error on your pc or laptop…

Error message: “bad_module_info has stopped working”

How This Error Occurs 

If some process is going on like downloading or installing but you suddenly or eagerly to lunch the game generally this error message comes in front of your system with a pop-up window.

But there is no need to fret. Here I will tell you some solutions to try and get rid of that issue, but if you are facing the same issue after this then you need to check your hardware.

This type of error coming under the graphic of your system. Either you have to check your graphics processing unit(GPU) or either you have to change your hardware graphic card.

Take a look for your hardware, GPU, and CPU unit may be anything causing for this issue.

Some games are not working properly in windows 10. So you have to change your operating system to Windows 7 or Windows XP. There is a chance that may that game compatible with another operating system. 

But now some old games and apps are upgrading and designing to make it compatible in window 10. If still, you are facing the same problem you can run your compatible mode in your system.

First, you need to go to the folder which contains your game or app.

Now just right click on the folder goes to the properties option. One new window will open. Now switch to the compatible mode.

After compatible mode, you can see some dropdown options over there where you can select the operating system which will work best for your game app. Before proceed be ensure you the release year of that game or app. May it will be easy for you to find out the best os for your game.

And once at last not but the least click on the OK button after done with it.

How to Do Full-Screen Optimization in Windows

Sometimes what happens some games and apps are not running and compatible with high-resolution devices. In this case, we should reduce the resolution or we have to stop running the game in full screen.

You can fix it by going through the same step followed by a compatible tab and then disable the full-screen optimization option. And click ok and save it.

How to update your graphic card driver

If your (graphic processing unit)GPU  card is outdated then it may cause for your device or game or application you are using..always try to upgrade your GPU card when you are using high definition and high resolution for your game.

Check for the graphic card driver in the device manager in pc or laptop and you can see the display adapter option there just expand it.

After expand you can see the number of drivers has installed in your system. Generally, one drivers GPU driver will one..right click on the driver and go for update the driver.

It will ask two steps that want to update automatically or the automatic system will take care of that and in the manual, you have to do it.

How to Change Virtual Memory Windows

“Virtual memory is memory management which has the power to do something of an operating system that uses hardware and software that allows a system to remunerate the physical memory storages by temporary transferring the data.”

Go the control panel then all control panel items and then move to the system. Here you will see all the basic information about your computer or laptop that you should know.


You can go directly to the desktop and go the computer icon and right-click on the option to get the properties of the computer. This is nothing but your basic information.

Now click on the advanced setting option. One system properties box will pop up then go the advanced tab and then click on the setting coming under the performance section.

Then one performance option box will pop up and go the advanced tab over there and then click on change. there deselect the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option and click on the custom size.

Now you have to enter the manual value of initial and manual size in MB and click OK on all the windows opened…

How to Reinstall a Game or Application

Actually this is the best solution in some cases of games and apps. What happened, after uninstalling. 

Directly go to the control panel and go the program and click the uninstall a program select your game of application you want to re-install. Left-click on the program and click on uninstall.

After all, done just refresh it .and you will see your program is not uninstalled.

Now reboot or restart your system and then after some time reinstall it.


if you have not faced this error then you lucky one but that doesn’t mean you will never face the problem you can not guarantee that. At any time while running the game or application you man face the error. So this tutorial to help you get rid of this error issue.

Hope this blog tutorial will help you …thank you.


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